This is no package tour!!

We will be spending time in the heart of the Borneo jungle under the canopy and a meal over the fire. 

We will spend a few days with the Orangutan and the Sun bears, then an off to the ocean for some of the worlds very best scuba diving and snorkeling and a chance to chill out in the sun.

Borneo has some of the last untouched rainforests in the world, with wildlife and plant life that you just can’t see anywhere else. We hadn’t moved far on my first trek before being greeted by an orangutan.

You can navigate through the tangled jungle, vines dangling around you, or scale the jagged peaks above.

Sabah is Borneo’s northernmost state, which juts out towards the Philippines. In the east of Sabah, Tabin wildlife reserve is one of Borneo’s largest protected forests and a dedicated breeding ground for endangered wildlife.

The extensive network of trails dotted with the occasional lookout tower means there’s a multitude of different trekking routes through the jungle, spend a few hours making your way to a nearby waterfall or tackle a full day route and enjoy lunch surrounded by rustling jungle and a night under the jungle canopy.

Binoculars are vital to make the most of the wildlife all around. Your guide, with eyes like a hawk, has spotted the tiniest sliver of an orangutan through the trees. Asian pygmy elephants, found almost exclusively in northern Borneo, have a smaller territory here than in other reserves, giving you the best chance of encountering them.


Detailed Daily Itinerary:

Day 1 – Arrive in Koto Kimabalu, one of our team will meet you and transfer you to one of the local 4 star hotel, and the rest of the day you will be able to see the sights and sounds of Koto Kimabalu.


Day 2 – After Breakfast we head out on our private transport to Mount Kinabalu (South East Asia’s highest Mountain) After lunch we will start our accent up the mountain followed by an evening meal at a mountain lodge before the early start to summit the mountain the next day.


Day 3 – Summit day, we will be up very early as this will give the team the opportunity to summit and see the stunning sunrise over Borneo, then for the steady walk back down to the lodge for breakfast, then down the mount to celebrate the success. We then take our transport to this evening’s hotel.


Day 4 – Today we head to the jungle, only a short drive to see the orangutans, after lunch we will head out to hopefully see the wild orangutans feeding and spend time close up to the “Old man of Borneo” then back to our lodge to relax in the jungle gardens.


Day 5 – Once we have had breakfast, we will head up river by traditional wooden boats to our jungle camp in the heart of the Bornean jungle, with a wide verity of animals on our door step. In the afternoon we will take part in a number of safaris from boat base and night walks to see some of the hundreds of spices of animals, this evening we can sit round the fire with a few drinks and chat about the adventure so far.


Day 6 – After a great night sleep in the jungle, we head out on the river early to get the most of the early morning wildlife and if we are lucky we could see some of the local pygmy elephants that live in the this area. This day will be packed with time to relax and taking part in a number of safari trips, this evening the locals will cook a traditional meal for the team as we relax by the fire.


Day 7 – We say goodbye to the jungle today and head out to the coast, after a short boat trip we meet our transport and head down to the coast. Tonight, we will be back in hotels.


Day 8 - If you are starting out scuba diving or have been diving for years we will set up the next day to suit your needs. Today we will be starting our scuba diving / relaxing or snorkeling.


Day 9 – A Day at the coast taking part in Scuba or other type activates.


Day 10 – By the Sea (Scuba diving)


Day 11 – By the Sea (Scuba diving)


Day 12 – Today we just dive in the morning or you can relax by the sea, after lunch we head to the local town, and this is a great chance to pick up from the local shops handy crafts and gifts to take back home, tonight we will be in a hotel as we will be flying to mainland Malaysia tomorrow.


Day 13 – After an early morning the team will fly to Kuala Lumpur and settle into our hotel for the night after a fantastic local meal.


Day 14 – This is your opportunity to experience the new and old of KL. That evening we will head out to a great local place to eat before our flight back to the UK.


Day 15 – Flight back home.


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