UK north east - SUP 2 Hour SURF Session  Trow Rocks, South Shields
Cost per person £35
Technical Skill 
fitness Level

 Talk to us about scheduling your own private session. With a minimum of 4 paddlers you can choose a date and time to suit you!   

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Frequently asked questions

How do I cancel a pre-ordered lunch?

Should your child become ill and not attending school on a day you have ordered lunch, please email by 9 am the day of the lunch to cancel. We require your child’s name and class number and will process a refund for that lunch. Cancellations received after 9 am the day of the lunch, will be in process and will not be refunded.

How are meals delivered?

Meals that are pre-ordered will be specially packaged and delivered to the students’ classroom where they will be given their individual lunch packages. All items and condiments for the lunch will be included in the package. On the days your child’s grade is eating in the cafeteria, grades K through 5 will have their meals pre-set at their assigned seat. Grade 6 through 9 will pick up their lunch package at the counter when they enter the cafeteria. All students eating in the cafeteria will be permitted to come through the cafeteria line to make any purchase they would like just as it has been in previous years. However, we do ask that all lunches be pre-ordered, regardless of where the student is eating, to avoid confusion and to simplify the distribution process.

How does purchasing work?

Pre-ordered lunches will be billed automatically at the cut-off time for the day ordered. Purchases made in the cafeteria are put through at the cafeteria cashier. Students have a unique 4-digit pin code that they will enter on a sanitized keypad. Please remind your child that this code should be kept private. If they do not know their code the cashier will look it up for them by their name. To speed the cashier process, we do ask that students get to learn their code. Cash will be accepted as per usual however we strongly ask you to consider just using the student account. This will assist COVID protocols with less touch surfaces and it allows you to view all purchases made by your child on the MyKidsSpending website.

How do I add money to my child's account?

The easiest and most efficient way to add money to your child’s account is to log into the My Kids Spending website as per the instructions above and add money with credit card or direct bank transfer. You can also send a cheque payable to Carter Ventures Inc. with you child to give to their teacher or the cafeteria cashier. Please do not send cash with your child. As part of our COVID protocols we ask parents to avoid coming to the cafeteria to make deposits. Students who have debit cards may also make payment that way.

What are the cafeteria hours?

Until further notice the cafeteria will not be open prior to school starting in the mornings. Cafeteria Staff will be available from 9 am to 2 pm daily. As the school year progresses, we will regularly evaluate what services can be added back while maintaining COVID protocols.

Will the menu items offered be different than before?

COVID has required all food service operations to evaluate and streamline menu offerings. The cafeteria menu offerings and selections have been scaled back to simplify operations while staff, students and cafeteria staff get into a COVID protocol routine. Once things get to a new normal, we will add menu offerings and items back to our available line up. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through the next couple months. Monthly lunch menus will be posted on both the MyKidsSpending website and on the GCA website.

Have the prices changed?

In the past, menu pricing for meals has been done on a cost averaging basis. There was a set price for small and large meals that was the same regardless of the actual meal. With the current volatility in the food market and the fluctuating costs of the individual meal packaging now required, each meal will be individually priced to reflect the actual cost of each meal. The prices for each meal will be displayed on the drop-down ordering menus when ordering on the My Kids Spending site.

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