Nepal - Kangchenjunga
08-10-22 / 04-12-22
  • £20,000.00 per person
  • £1000 deposit
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It's the BIG one, so 2022 is it going to be the year you climb the world third highest mount and without all the queuing of Everest? We have a stunning team the help you attempt a summit bib for the "queen of the mountains"

Rising to a height of 8,586m, Mt Kanchenjunga, situated on the Nepal-Sikkim border, is the world’s third highest mountain. Meaning “Five Treasures of Snow” in Tibetan, the name Kangchenjunga refers to the mountain’s five peaks, four of which – Main Summit, Middle Summit, South Summit and West Summit (Yalung Khang) – are over 8,540m. The highest among these summits is the West summit with an altitude of 8,420m.

The first successful ascent of Kanchenjunga was made on May 25, 1955 by Joe Brown and George Band, both members of a British Expedition, who stopped a few feet short of the actual summit in deference to the beliefs of the Sikkimese who hold the summit sacred – a tradition that most successful summit parties have since then followed.
The North Face route is regarded as the safest, though not the easiest, while the east flank of the South Summit is believed to be the most difficult route.

Adventure itinerary

Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu
Day 02: Rest/Preparation
Day 03: Preparation
Day 04: Fly Suketar; trek Lali Kharka 2220m
Day 05: Trek Kande Banjyang (2240m)
Day 06: Trek Phomphe (1890m)
Day 07: Trek Yamphudin (1690m)
Day 08: Trek Amji Khola (2340)
Day 09: Trek Torontan (2990m)
Day 10: Trek Tseram (3870m)
Day 11: Trek Ramche (4620m)
Day 12: Rest/acclimatization
Day 13: Kanchunjunga Glacier
Day 14: Kanchanjunga Base Camp
Day 15/49: Climbing period
Day 50: Trek Ramche
Day 51: Trek Amji Khola
Day 52: Trek Yamphudin
Day 53: Trek Khewang
Day 54: Trek Lali Kharka
Day 55: Trek Suketar
Day 56: Fly Kathmandu
Day 57: Party / Culture day / Rest
Day 58: Depart Kathmandu

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