The Gorges de l'Ardeche are in the Ardeche department of the Rhone-Alpes. The gorges runs about 40 kilometres eastwards from Pont d'Arc (itself a few kilometres east of the popular resort of Vallon Pont d'Arc).

One of the most stunning scenic highlights of France, they are usually accessed from the town of Vallon Pont d'Arc at the upper (north-west) end of the gorges.

Perhaps the best way to explore the Ardeche gorges, and to get a real sense of their grandeur and beauty, is by descending in canoe from Vallon Pont d'Arc to Saint-Martin d'Ardeche - about 35 kilometres, with cliffs either side up to 300 metres in height.


Day 1 – Arrive Nimes airport, where a member of our team will pick you up and transfer you the short distance to the Ardeche “The Desh” tonight you will be luxtory camping on the banks of the Desh with a glass of local wine.


Day 2 – Nice easy morning before we head out on the upper section of the river, passing though a number of friendly but stunning rapids before a hearty river lunch on the backs of the river. After lunch we pass though the world famous “Pont d’Arc” a massive natural archway carved by the river millions of years ago, then on down the river to our finish point, were we have transport to take the team back to our glamping campsite for an evening of BBQ, drinks and a chatting about the two-day decent of the mighty ‘Desh”


Day 3 – After an easy morning of good coffee and plenty of breakfast, we will pack up our canoeing equipment and head out the river, under the coaching and supervision of one of our very experienced guilds we will pass some stunning views and have plenty of time of swimming and taking photos. The river winds passed cliffs that are hundreds of meters high with a gear number of place to relax and take in the stunning place. Tonight, we will be camping at a riverside camping sport that has shower and toilets and more importantly a BBQ to cook up our three-course meal and then spend the evening taking in this magical location.


Day 4 – After a great night and a big breakfast, we head down river to yet again more stunning views and amazing rapids before a river lunch in the sun. today has some great places to swim and take in the experience been in a truly remote place, after lunch we continue down river to meet the transport, this is no normal drive back to the campsite, we will drive the “Gorge road” this will give the team the chance to see where we have paddled and stop off for a few photos on the way. Once back at our Glamping campsite, its time of a few drinks and pizza in the sun.


Day 5 – Relax, today we will take you in to the local town (Vallon) where its full of cafes, bars and gift shops for you to spend the day taking on some of the French way of life.


Day 6 – Unfortunately today sis the teams last day on the “Desh” after an easy morning we will pack up and head to Nimes to have you ready for your flight back to the uk.

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