Galapagos. Focusing on the Central and Southern islands of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabela, you will be able to discover these enchanted islands in a way you never thought possible.

The program comes alive in a unique way as you sea kayak and snorkel in the marine reserve, or hike and even mountain bike on the highlands. Diving in the world-class marine reserve is optional, but highly recommended. The main highlights will be hiking to the Sierra Negra Volcano on Isabela; paddling sea-kayaks in crystal clear waters past penguins or sea lion pups; mountain biking to the top of Santa Cruz in search of giant tortoises; and snorkelling or scuba-diving through huge shoals of tropical fish.

Based in high quality hotels with daily activities suitable for all levels, this week long program combines the best of the Galapagos - nature, wildlife, history and landscapes along with adventure and sports. You visit areas that other cruise-based groups cannot reach, and in so doing you are able to share experiences with the local people and learn more about the challenges they face living on these islands and support local people through this sustainable program.


There are also plenty of options for extending your trip in Ecuador afterwards, or including this programme within a longer South American adventure.

And after a long day of fun, we return to our eco-friendly boutique hotel for gourmet meals and refined hospitality. Perfect!


Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island, is a strange and exotic land ringed by golden beaches and palm trees.

Having separated from Africa almost 160 million years ago, this sparsely-populated island is a nature lover’s paradise – home to an immense diversity of unique flora and fauna, including endemic plant species, chameleons, reptiles, and over 50 different kinds of lemur. Its spectacular landscapes are resplendent in their variety, from grassy plateaus to volcanoes, limestone karsts, dense rainforests, spiny forests, tropical islands and coral reefs. The country is a treasure trove of natural wonders and this is what travellers come to see.


Is best of the best hotels and lodges that the country has to offer, and we will get you up close to the wildlife. 



Get close up and personal with the world-famous lemurs during a rainforest hike

Drive along the famous national road 7, leading to the south of Madagascar
Meet with local villagers and learn about their lifestyle and existence
Enjoy a cultural show by folk dancers and musicians in Ambositra
Drive to the forest of baobab trees and medicinal plants
Visit the Vezo village of Ifaty. These semi-nomadic people live along the southern coast of Madagascar existing off sea fishing while having their own unique way of life

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