This is no package tour!!

We will be spending time in the heart of the Borneo jungle under the canopy and a meal over the fire. 

We will spend a few days with the Orangutan and the Sun bears, then an off to the ocean for some of the worlds very best scuba diving and snorkeling and a chance to chill out in the sun.

Borneo has some of the last untouched rainforests in the world, with wildlife and plant life that you just can’t see anywhere else. We hadn’t moved far on my first trek before being greeted by an orangutan.

You can navigate through the tangled jungle, vines dangling around you, or scale the jagged peaks above.

Sabah is Borneo’s northernmost state, which juts out towards the Philippines. In the east of Sabah, Tabin wildlife reserve is one of Borneo’s largest protected forests and a dedicated breeding ground for endangered wildlife.

The extensive network of trails dotted with the occasional lookout tower means there’s a multitude of different trekking routes through the jungle, spend a few hours making your way to a nearby waterfall or tackle a full day route and enjoy lunch surrounded by rustling jungle and a night under the jungle canopy.

Binoculars are vital to make the most of the wildlife all around. Your guide, with eyes like a hawk, has spotted the tiniest sliver of an orangutan through the trees. Asian pygmy elephants, found almost exclusively in northern Borneo, have a smaller territory here than in other reserves, giving you the best chance of encountering them.


Detailed Daily Itinerary:

Day 1 – Arrive in Koto Kimabalu, one of our team will meet you and transfer you to one of the local 4 star hotel, and the rest of the day you will be able to see the sights and sounds of Koto Kimabalu.


Day 2 – After Breakfast we head out on our private transport to Mount Kinabalu (South East Asia’s highest Mountain) After lunch we will start our accent up the mountain followed by an evening meal at a mountain lodge before the early start to summit the mountain the next day.


Day 3 – Summit day, we will be up very early as this will give the team the opportunity to summit and see the stunning sunrise over Borneo, then for the steady walk back down to the lodge for breakfast, then down the mount to celebrate the success. We then take our transport to this evening’s hotel.


Day 4 – Today we head to the jungle, only a short drive to see the orangutans, after lunch we will head out to hopefully see the wild orangutans feeding and spend time close up to the “Old man of Borneo” then back to our lodge to relax in the jungle gardens.


Day 5 – Once we have had breakfast, we will head up river by traditional wooden boats to our jungle camp in the heart of the Bornean jungle, with a wide verity of animals on our door step. In the afternoon we will take part in a number of safaris from boat base and night walks to see some of the hundreds of spices of animals, this evening we can sit round the fire with a few drinks and chat about the adventure so far.


Day 6 – After a great night sleep in the jungle, we head out on the river early to get the most of the early morning wildlife and if we are lucky we could see some of the local pygmy elephants that live in the this area. This day will be packed with time to relax and taking part in a number of safari trips, this evening the locals will cook a traditional meal for the team as we relax by the fire.


Day 7 – We say goodbye to the jungle today and head out to the coast, after a short boat trip we meet our transport and head down to the coast. Tonight, we will be back in hotels.


Day 8 - If you are starting out scuba diving or have been diving for years we will set up the next day to suit your needs. Today we will be starting our scuba diving / relaxing or snorkeling.


Day 9 – A Day at the coast taking part in Scuba or other type activates.


Day 10 – By the Sea (Scuba diving)


Day 11 – By the Sea (Scuba diving)


Day 12 – Today we just dive in the morning or you can relax by the sea, after lunch we head to the local town, and this is a great chance to pick up from the local shops handy crafts and gifts to take back home, tonight we will be in a hotel as we will be flying to mainland Malaysia tomorrow.


Day 13 – After an early morning the team will fly to Kuala Lumpur and settle into our hotel for the night after a fantastic local meal.


Day 14 – This is your opportunity to experience the new and old of KL. That evening we will head out to a great local place to eat before our flight back to the UK.


Day 15 – Flight back home.


Indonesia -   Komodo

Enjoy a 12 Day Surfing and Scuba diving trip on the Indonesian island of Komodo. "Indonesia’s Komodo National Park among World’s Top Ten Destinations" -National Geographic. There will also be an opportunity to see the islands native Komodo Dragons, as well as time to explore and experience the local culture.

Detailed Daily Itinerary:

Day 1 – Arrive Bail international airport, one of our team will meet you a transfer you to a 4-Star hotel close to the centre of town. The rest of the day you can relax by the pool or explore the city.


Day 2 – Now the adventure starts, Bail is a world class location for surfing, today we will be talking a class by some of the world’s best surf coaches, you will at all time be looked after by our team and the aim is to get you on the water as soon as possible. That evening we will head into town for a great meal and maybe a few beers watching the sun go down.


Day 3 – After breakfast we will take the short trip to the airport to catch our fight to the Komodo islands, the short flight is stunning we views of a tropical paradise. After the flight we will check in to our hotel and set up for the next few days of scuba diving.


Day 4 – Komodo is one of the VERY best diving locations in the world.

If you are starting out scuba diving or have been diving for years we will set up the next day to suit your needs. Today we will be starting our scuba diving / relaxing or snorkelling.


Day 5 – Scuba diving


Day 6 – Scuba diving


Day 7 – Scuba diving


Day 8 – Scuba diving


Day 9 – Today we will scuba dive in the morning and in the afternoon, we will take a guided trip out to see the famous Komodo dragons, you will be a local guild who will take you close up to the world’s largest living lizard. Once back on land tonight we will head in to town for a few beers overlooking to Komodo national park.


Day 10 – This morning you can chill out and shop of local crafts as the afternoon we will be heading out the airport. After lunch we will fly back to Bali and check into our hotel.


Day 11 – After breakfast we have a morning of talking in some of the local traditions and culture. The afternoon you can relax.


Day 12 - Unfortunately today is our last day, we Fly back to the UK.


Sample itinerary:
A week-long diving safari starting and ending in Sharm El Sheikh concentrating on some of the best wrecks worldwide such as Dunraven, World War II wreck Thistlegorm and the ship's graveyard of Abu Nuhas with Giannis D, Carnatic, Chrisoula K and the Kimon M.


Day 1 - Afternoon/Evening: transfer to New Marina (El Wataneya) Port and embark. Welcome on board, cabin arrangement and boat-briefing. Permission work with port authority, sailing very early next morning.

Days – 2 - 7. Day Morning: sail to nearby dive site for a check dive, after into the Gulf of Suez passing Yolanda Reef that is named after a 74 m long Cypriot freighter which struck the reef on the 1st of April 1980. The wreck laid partially submerged on the reef top until a storm caused it to drop. Most of the ship finally has fallen over the drop-off, leaving a huge scar in the slope between Shark and Yolanda Reef. Although, a quantity of the cargo remains for the amusement of the divers: bathtubs, toilets and bathroom fittings. Continue with the historical wrecks of Dunraven. Recovered in early 1970's, the more than 125 years old wreck is largely intact, totally covered in corals and rich in marine life.

The most famous of the Red Sea wrecks may be even worldwide is the Thistlegorm. The wreck first gained fame when Jacques Cousteau dived it in 1956 but left the actual location a mystery until it was rediscovered in 1992. Lying upright on the seabed at 33 m, the 127 m long and 18 m wide wreck is absolutely impressive. Close to Sha'ab Ali in the early hours of 22 February 1881, the 78 m long Kingston ran aground at the northern edge of the reef that is known as Shag Rock.

Crossing the Gulf of Suez will take you to Abu Nuhas, a paradise for wreck lovers which is best known for the abundance of ancient and modern wrecks that lie here: Giannis D, Carnatic, Chrisoula K and Kimon M. All are located on the northern side of the reef, a sandy seafloor at the bottom of a steep sloping coral reef filled with table corals. The reef is very exposed to the prevailing wind and waves and was named after the oldest wreck which was carrying copper (Nuhas in Arabic). If weather permits you can dive the Ulysses or the Rosalie Moller. Only two days after the sinking of the Thistlegorm, the Rosalie Moller was also lying at anchor when hit and went down upright. The location outside of Gubal Island is extremely exposed to the sea, wind and waves. The dive is deep, bottom time is limited and visibility is lower than elsewhere so this dive is definitely only for very experienced divers.

Optional as located far north of Tiran and only reachable with good sea conditions, a rarely dived wreck is the Million Hope. This wreck is one of the youngest in the Egyptian Red Sea and the second largest of the diveable ones. Its size alone makes it a memorable dive.

In between wreck dives you will also visit some outstanding reefs at Sha'ab Mahmoud and Ras Mohammed National Park.

7/8. Day: Depending on guest check out and flight time, there may be another dive or just snorkelling. Return to New Marina (El Wataneya) Port and disembark. Transfer to airport or hotel.


£1300 pp



26th June – 7th July 2019

There aren’t many places in the world where you can white water rafting a remote canyon and a few days later be scuba diving a sunken ship wreck of the Mediterranean Sea and all within three hours of the UK.

We have put this action-packed adrenaline filled holiday together with some very special location, with over 20 years of adventure travel JAC coaching has been putting together “Once in a life time trips” to just about every region of the world.


RAFT THE WORLD’S 2ND DEEPEST CANYON the Grand Canyon is a mere 200m deeper than the Tara River Gorge so throw yourself into your raft and experience this from on the water. Take on wild rapids, go with the flow through calm pools and pitch up next to beautiful waterfalls.


We only use the best, JAC have some of the most experienced scuba dive guild, you are in safe hands. During our trip to Montenegro we partner with a local PADI (professional association of dive instructors) 5* credited center to help provide Safe, Processional and fun courses to our guests. You will have the option to gain your Open water, Advanced open water scuba diving award or just take part in some very fun dives all with the supervision / instruction from one of our experienced team members.


We only use the very best place to stay to give you as special experience of the place, the culture and the people of each location we run trips and Montenegro is no exception. In the Tara Gorge (Rafting) we have a stunning location right on the side of the this helps massively with cutting down driving and on a evening you are able to sit with a beer next to the river you have just white water rafted. During our stay all our food (and there is lots of it) will be provided, you will just need to buy and alcoholic drinks (is very cheap) The accommodation we use on site comprise of twin and double cabins that are en-suit.


26th June, Day One – You will arrive at Tivat airport in the morning, one of the JAC team will meet you and we will travel though the mountain to the Tara river, where will setting in to the river camp and have a late lunch before a safety briefing from one of our white water guild, the rest of the afternoon you can relax by the river of just chill out in the sun and take in the stunning views, in the evening we will have a three course meal provided by a local chef (you will not be left hungry) Then into the evening with a few drinks round the fire.

27th June, Day Two – After a full breakfast, we will get ready into our rafting equipment and get on the river at our own beach, today you will pass though some stunning location and big rapids with help and guidance from our experienced guilds. The river trip ends at the boarder of Montenegro and Bosnia, where our drivers are ready for to drive us back to our river camp for a shower and a hot late lunch. The rest of the afternoon you can relax in the sun.

28th June, Day Three – Now it get interesting, after a big breakfast and getting into our rafting equipment we take the 4x4’s up river to the get in, after a few easy going rapids we soon get stuck into some big rapids, today will be full of adrenalin and action and you are sure to end the trip with a massive smile and lots of memories of the Tara river. Once back at our river camp and after a hot shower and lunch we will be setting up for our river party, this a tradition the world over, to celebrate a great trip, after a massive evening meal we will get the opportunity to taste some of Montenegro’s finest spirts and chat about the last few days on the Tara river.

29th June, Day Four – After breakfast we pack up and head off though the mountains to our next part of the adventure, on the way we will stop off at some truly remote and stunning villages for a coffee and a photo opportunity before arriving at the coast, in the afternoon we will check into our coast base for the next few days of scuba diving, Evening meal will be provided today.

30th June, Day Five – Today you will meet the scuba diving team and get ready to start your first steps to becoming a qualified scuba diver of if you are already a qualified diver, you will be out on the boat with one of our dive guilds. Breakfast only is provided today.

1st July, Day Six – Carrying on from the previse day you will carry on with your scuba diving course. Breakfast only provided.

2nd July, Day Seven – By now you are on track to be a fully qualified scuba diver, we will all be out on the boat today for an action-packed day of improving skills and spending some quality time with the local marine life. Breakfast only provided.

3rd July, Day Eight – today you will be finishing of your scuba course and now about to become a qualified scuba diver with the world’s largest scuba course provider. Breakfast only provided.

4th July, Day Nine – After all that hard work we will have a day in the old town, taking in then sights of the citadel and the local cafes and traditional shops. Breakfast only provided.

5th July, Day ten – Now you are all qualified diver we are all going to head out on the sea to dive one of the local ship wrecks under the guidance of our qualified scuba team, we will also take a number of underwater video and still cameras to capture this once in a life time chance to dive with real history of the deep. Tonight, is Friday night and Montenegro having some spectacular night life, after a meal in town you are more than welcome to stay out until the early hours and party like a local. Breakfast only provided.

6th July, Day Eleven – A well-deserved rest day (and we need a No dive day before our flight) after maybe a light night our partying, we will have an easy-going breakfast and a day to relax on the beach of finish of any last chance shopping on town, before our final evening meal. Breakfast and evening meal provided.

7th July, Day twelve – After breakfast we will take our transport to Tivat airport to catch our flight back to the UK and say goodbye.


  • All arrival and departure transfer services to and from Airport both Domestic and International with other necessary surface transport as per itinerary. 

  • Assistance at the International airport by JAC representative while arriving and departing.

  • 3 Nights’ accommodations at our White-water raft site (All meals)

  • Local English-speaking Guide though out.

  • Necessary staffs including experienced guides and porters during holiday. 

  • Private transportation for the team

  • All white-water rafting equipment.

  • 3 meals a day (Breakfasts, Lunch and Dinners with tea or coffee) During rafting.

  • 4* Hotel and Breakfast included during scuba diving.

  • Rafting / Diving Permit (National Park entry fee)

  • Experienced, Trained and international Licensed Guide(s)

  • All wages, equipment, medical and accidental Insurances for all involved staffs. 

  • First Aid medical kits for the Group and the staffs.

  • All necessary paper works, office Service charge and Government Taxes

  • Complete pre-departure information, flight ticket reconfirmation and visa extension procedure services (if necessary) 

  • 7L Aquapac Dry bag. (to keep you day kit dry)

  • -20% off All aquapac products (we will send you a coupon code)


  • Lunch and Dinner during Scuba diving.

  • Any packed food/snacks, drinks, energy drinks, mineral water, alcohol, cigarettes, chocolates, nutria-bars 

  • Items of personal nature, Laundry Expenses, Tips

  • Expenses incurred towards usage of landlines, mobiles, walkie-talkies or satellite phones And Internet expenses

  • Clothing, Packing Items or Bags, Personal Medical Kit.

  • Any extra services or products or offers or activities which are not mentioned in the itinerary

  • Any extra expenses arising out of various/unforeseen situations like natural calamities, landslides, political disturbances, strikes, changes in Government regulations, 

  • Any additional staff other than specified.

  • Rescue, Repatriation, Medicines, Medical Tests and Hospitalization expenses.

  • Medical Insurance and emergency rescue evacuation if required.

  • Travel Insurance and helicopter rescue.

  • Airfare of international flights.

  • Tips, gifts, souvenirs.

  • Any other item not included in “THE PACKAGE COST INCLUDES” SECTION


Cost per person based on two people sharing £1100

Norway - Lofoten

We offer unforgettable memories - Scuba diving within the Arctic Circle in the Lofoten is an incredible experience. Discover the arctic fauna and flora of these pristine waters. We offer a wide selection of dive sites suited to your needs and skill level, ranging from quiet fjords to subsea current swept straits ideal for experienced divers. You can see beautiful kelp forests, fields of algae, spectacular jellyfish, urchins and starfish, not to mention large fish species such as: halibut, cod, wolfish or flounder. Most sites are located near your accommodations and can be reached from land or by boat, our highly specialized staff can help though your trip.



Lofoten-Diving offers accommodation in Villa Ballstad. Villa Ballstad is a spacious, typically Scandinavian ‘hytta’. Located in the middle of Lofoten –in


beautiful village, well known for its breathtaking views of the surrounding area. white walls and large windows combined with the modern furnishings will lift the spirits of all who admire Scandinavian simplicity and esthetics.

The relaxing atmosphere can best be enjoyed relaxing on the terrace and taking in the fantastic view of Vestfjord, the mountains and the lovely fishing village.

The first floor is reserved for single,double and three person rooms. Their cozy interiors and comfortable furniture offer a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Those who wish will also find a good place to work on their computers. The whole building offers a wireless internet connection. Bathrooms (with showers) are available on both floors, the upstairs bathroom has also a bath and sauna.

Diving Sites

The dive sites offered by us are accessible mainly by motor boat (RIB boat)


Diving in Fjords


these are mainly shore dives, but completely different than the dives you are accustomed to. The roots for this unmatched adventure are the Arctic climate, crystal clear waters of the Norwegian Sea and the virgin beauty of this spectacular region. Submerged in the underwater world you have the opportunity to discover and interact with many endemic fish species and other marine animals.

Current/Drift dives


current dives are a unique experience for the skilled and disciplined scuba diver. The strongest currents pass through narrow straits during high and low tides which „empty” and then “refill” the fjords with water. Here you can admire kelp forests which grow to enormous sizes thanks to the constant circulation of water and oxygen. This breathtaking underwater life is a thrill for all divers.


Wreck diving


The Lofoten are famous for their numerous sunken wrecks which are the most interesting in all of Norway. We organize trips to many of them for example: MS Hadsel, Gudrun. Both wrecks lie at a depth of 24- 46m. The cold arctic water has maintained them in almost mint condition.

Diving at rock walls


post-glacial mountain walls which reach unfathomable depths can be found not only in the open sea, but also within the fjords. They showcase mysterious canyons, nooks and crannies that attack your imagination. Diving such walls is always a fascinating and memorable experience.

Day 1 – Flight from the UK to Lofoten (Transfer to our Home for the trip)

Day 2 – After Breakfast our first day out diving at one of our local sites.

Day 3 – Day diving

Day 4 – Diving on one of the local ship wrecks.

Day 5 – Day Diving

Day 6 – Day Diving

Day 7 – Day Diving

Day 8 – (None dive day) cultural visits day

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