Trip Summary

Ever since the movie of the same name, the world is well aware of the cute native inhabitants of the island country of Madagascar. It is here, in this surprisingly large and untouched island that the lemur species count into the 70’s as well as countless other endemic species of wildlife and flora that have evolved uninterrupted from the outside world. Although the tourist infrastructure is not advanced here – you won’t find a Starbucks – that is exactly why one should go visit this place of plenty before everyone else does.

  • Get close up and personal with the world famous lemurs during a rain forest hike

  • Drive along the famous national road 7, leading to the south of Madagascar

  • Meet with local villagers and learn about their lifestyle and existence

  • Enjoy a cultural show by folk dancers and musicians in Ambositra

  • Drive to the forest of baobab trees and medicinal plants

  • Visit the Vezo village of Ifaty. These semi-nomadic people live along the southern coast of Madagascar existing off sea fishing while having their own unique way of life

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