Trip Summary

This is no package tour!!

We will be spending time in the heart of the Borneo jungle under the canopy and a meal over the fire. 

We will spend a few days with the Orangutan and the Sun bears, then an off to the ocean for some of the worlds very best scuba diving and snorkeling and a chance to chill out in the sun.

Borneo has some of the last untouched rainforests in the world, with wildlife and plant life that you just can’t see anywhere else. We hadn’t moved far on my first trek before being greeted by an orangutan.

You can navigate through the tangled jungle, vines dangling around you, or scale the jagged peaks above.

Sabah is Borneo’s northernmost state, which juts out towards the Philippines. In the east of Sabah, Tabin wildlife reserve is one of Borneo’s largest protected forests and a dedicated breeding ground for endangered wildlife.

The extensive network of trails dotted with the occasional lookout tower means there’s a multitude of different trekking routes through the jungle, spend a few hours making your way to a nearby waterfall or tackle a full day route and enjoy lunch surrounded by rustling jungle and a night under the jungle canopy.

Binoculars are vital to make the most of the wildlife all around. Your guide, with eyes like a hawk, has spotted the tiniest sliver of an orangutan through the trees. Asian pygmy elephants, found almost exclusively in northern Borneo, have a smaller territory here than in other reserves, giving you the best chance of encountering them.

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