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We offer unforgettable memories - Scuba diving within the Arctic Circle in the Lofoten is an incredible experience. Discover the arctic fauna and flora of these pristine waters. We offer a wide selection of dive sites suited to your needs and skill level, ranging from quiet fjords to subsea current swept straits ideal for experienced divers. You can see beautiful kelp forests, fields of algae, spectacular jellyfish, urchins and starfish, not to mention large fish species such as: halibut, cod, wolfish or flounder. Most sites are located near your accommodations and can be reached from land or by boat, our highly specialized staff can help though your trip.



Lofoten-Diving offers accommodation in Villa Ballstad. Villa Ballstad is a spacious, typically Scandinavian ‘hytta’. Located in the middle of Lofoten –in


beautiful village, well known for its breathtaking views of the surrounding area. white walls and large windows combined with the modern furnishings will lift the spirits of all who admire Scandinavian simplicity and esthetics.

The relaxing atmosphere can best be enjoyed relaxing on the terrace and taking in the fantastic view of Vestfjord, the mountains and the lovely fishing village.

The first floor is reserved for single,double and three person rooms. Their cozy interiors and comfortable furniture offer a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Those who wish will also find a good place to work on their computers. The whole building offers a wireless internet connection. Bathrooms (with showers) are available on both floors, the upstairs bathroom has also a bath and sauna.

Diving Sites

The dive sites offered by us are accessible mainly by motor boat (RIB boat)


Diving in Fjords


these are mainly shore dives, but completely different than the dives you are accustomed to. The roots for this unmatched adventure are the Arctic climate, crystal clear waters of the Norwegian Sea and the virgin beauty of this spectacular region. Submerged in the underwater world you have the opportunity to discover and interact with many endemic fish species and other marine animals.

Current/Drift dives


current dives are a unique experience for the skilled and disciplined scuba diver. The strongest currents pass through narrow straits during high and low tides which „empty” and then “refill” the fjords with water. Here you can admire kelp forests which grow to enormous sizes thanks to the constant circulation of water and oxygen. This breathtaking underwater life is a thrill for all divers.


Wreck diving


The Lofoten are famous for their numerous sunken wrecks which are the most interesting in all of Norway. We organize trips to many of them for example: MS Hadsel, Gudrun. Both wrecks lie at a depth of 24- 46m. The cold arctic water has maintained them in almost mint condition.

Diving at rock walls


post-glacial mountain walls which reach unfathomable depths can be found not only in the open sea, but also within the fjords. They showcase mysterious canyons, nooks and crannies that attack your imagination. Diving such walls is always a fascinating and memorable experience.

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