Elbrus South Side - 5621m

Trip Summary


The Mount Elbrus Challenge is an exhilarating all-inclusive 9-day adventure, to one of the Seven Summits. We fly out as a team to Mineralnye Vody airport via Moscow, ready for the climb of a lifetime in the small town of Kislovodsk. The challenge will lead us on a climb to the top of this inactive volcano and in doing so will push us to our physical limits while offering us stunning views across the glaciers and crevasses of the lower Caucasus range. We transfer to the Elbrus lower camp (2,200m) where we base ourselves for three nights while progressively climbing higher each day on acclimatisation treks and spending time practising our crampon, rope and ice axe techniques. Having attempted to summit the highest mountain in Europe (5,642m) and having experienced the breath-taking vistas that the region has to offer, we descend back to the spa town of Kislovodsk where we can enjoy a chilled vodka or two and a great celebratory meal!

Trip Highlights

·       One of the world’s seven summits

·       Europe's tallest mountain

·       Challenging summit

·       Winter mountaineering skills

·       3 nights at Base Camp

·       Lower Caucasus mountain range

·       Celebratory dinner!

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